Thursday, April 2, 2009

Are We Fully Independent?

By: Pratama Yoga Nugroho*

As a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, Indonesia, along with 5 permanent members and 14 other non-permanent members, has just agreed to sign a resolution over Iran despite Iran efforts to convince the international world that their nuclear program aims at peaceful purposes. The resolution consists of the banning of military equipment export, the inactivation of assets of Iranian individuals and institutions abroad contributing to Iran’s nuclear program, etc.

However, the government decision to sign the resolution is not only somewhat strange but also violating the foreign policy principle and showing inconsistency in the interaction with foreign states. Many experts on politics and international affairs have repeatedly criticized this decision and people have frequently held protests in various cities across the country.

It is stated in our constitution, the main source of all jurisprudences and policies, that we shall actively participate in creating and keeping peace in the world based on independence, eternal peace, and social justice. This leads to the retaining of ‘free and active’ policy we must demonstrate toward foreign states. In this context, we can see an obvious violation to the policy as our government has agreed to give a sanction to Iran, whose nuclear program is mainly aimed at finding a new source of energy to eliminate their heavy dependence on oil.

Indonesia failed to demonstrate independence in the decision making as we bowed to United States might and domination. In spite of United States argument that Iran has manipulated their peaceful purpose to hide their real development of nuclear weapon, we should have taken into account the statement of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) declaring that Iran has no capability of developing such weapon of mass destruction. We should also have realized that United States has used the same plot to press Iraq before they invaded them. By signing the resolution, we now demonstrate a policy on which we stand on the superiority of a certain side than on the objective reality.

Furthermore, our decision to sign the resolution may enrage Iran as we show inconsistency in supporting them. Not more than a year ago, when the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, visited us, we solemnly stated that we support Iran on their nuclear program. We even confirmed our statement when Iranian diplomats and dignitaries visited us following Ahmadinejad’s visit. We had demonstrated outstanding policy and showed independence in decision making then so that many Islamic and the Third World countries cheered us and showed their salutation to us. However, what our government did recently has just blown it up. The inconsistency demonstrated here potentially endangers our bilateral relation with Iran and our self-value in the view of the international world.

Considering our decision, we might question our independence strived by our founding fathers. An independence of a country includes not only physical aspect, but also economic, political, and military aspects. In this Iran case, we could have showed independence by declining to sign the resolution and insisting more diplomatic way to solve the problem. Since we bow to United States superiority and domination, we act like a servant pleasing his boss. So, are we fully independent?

* Pratama Yoga Nugroho: a student of English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University

An Overview upon the Violence Culture in IPDN

By: Pratama Yoga Nugroho*

The violence culture at IPDN just took the life of a future leader few weeks ago. It lengthened the list of dead students since IPDN was established in 1992. The violence culture in the college, which is projected to educate and prepare future civilian leaders, has taken three lives so far. The tragedies have scattered the dream and hope of not only the students’ parents, but also the region from which the students came. The violence in IPDN was so intense that there was a joke saying that IPDN didn’t produce governors, but bullies.

IPDN was established in early of 1990’s when the militaristic New Order regime was on its peak of authority. The military way used in college during the New Order regime was sawn as means of disciplining the students and training them to be tough leaders. There was neither protest nor opposition to the policy and regulation. The use of militaristic means in the college was considered appropriate as military atmosphere had been overwhelming many aspects of people’s life. The college argued that the students had to be accustomed to militarism.

As the New Order regime collapsed in 1998, militarism was no more capable of influencing civilian aspects. As the dual function of ABRI (Indonesian Armed Forces) came to an end then, people began to deliberate more deeply that all level of governments should be filled with professional civilians. Neither education in military institution nor affiliation to military entity has been sawn necessary for governance holder. This idea was expected to bring about a big change of paradigm in IPDN. IPDN was expected to eradicate its military way of education as it is no more suitable with the condition in Indonesian society.

However, expecting IPDN to eradicate militarism and violence seemed to be just a dream as it ignored much criticism. There have been two massive criticisms to IPDN so far. First was when one of its students, Eri Rachman, died in 1999 and second was when another student, Wahyu Hidayat, died in 2002. The infuriating thing was that both students died of torture from their seniors. Even though criticisms and protests have been addressed to IPDN, violence is still lasting up to now as Cliff Muntu, the last fallen life, was proved died from torture recently.

Now, investigation is in progress as well as debate over IPDN future. Many observer calls for a fundamental reformation of the college systems and many others even call for the dissolution of the college. All of those are basically implementation of desire for change in IPDN. Since no one expects the college which offers wide job opportunity to be a killing field of its students and no parent sending their children to the college think they are sending their offspring to graves, and yet no government envisioning better future want their successors to govern in tyranny, violence in IPDN must be eradicated as soon as possible, otherwise another life will once again fall

* Pratama Yoga Nugroho: a student of English Department, Faculty of Cultural Science, Diponegoro University, Semarang.

What Bus to Take to Travel from Semarang to Solo Vice Versa

By: Pratama Yoga Nugroho*

Traveling from Semarang to Solo vice versa by bus has several options. Based on what kind of bus you would like to take, you have two options, namely economy class and PATAS bus. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages and disadvantages of using each option depend on your perception and, of course, it is different from person to person.

Economy class bus offers relatively cheap ticket. You only have to pay about Rp.12.000, 00 to go from Semarang to Solo. However, the bus is often crowded, hot, and moves slowly as it takes passengers along the way. The bus crew seems that they do not care with whether the bus is already full or not. All they do is getting more and more passengers. Consequently, the bus gets more and more crowded.

Another thing that makes economy class bus uncomfortable to take is that there are many street singers singing alternately along the trip from Semarang to Solo vice versa. I ever counted the number of street singer during my trip from Semarang to Solo and it reached up to 12 singers. What makes us feel uncomfortable is that sometimes those singers often force us to give them money. I even ever noticed a singer woke a sleeping passenger up to ask for money. This definitely makes us feel inconvenient.

In contrast to that, another option, PATAS bus offers comfort and convenience in the trip. Even though the ticket costs more than the economy class bus, we can enjoy the trip and even take a rest there. By paying Rp.20.000, 00 you would find the condition is mostly different from that of economy class bus.

The PATAS bus takes passengers only in few places such as bus stations and certain bus stops. The number of passengers rarely goes over capacity limit so that every one would get a seat and they need not jostle each other in the bus. Its crews also never allow any street singer to enter the bus. Those things literally will make us more comfortable taking this kind of bus.

However, as I said before, the advantages and disadvantages of each option depend on our perception. Street singer may be annoying for some people but they may also be entertaining for some others. Some people sometimes even do not care whether the bus is crowded or not because what they want is just arriving at their destination. Thus, whether an economy class bus is uncomfortable or a PATAS bus is convenient is up to you.

* Pratama Yoga Nugroho: a student of English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro

University, Semarang.

Aku Telah Melihat Malaikat

Aku telah melihat malaikat*

Cerpen Pratama Yoga Nugroho

Malam minggu ini adalah malam keduapuluh lima bagiku menanti penampakan malaikat. Kali ini bertabur bintang. Mungkin di salah satu bintang itu ada malaikat bersembunyi. Aku masih setia menunggu kemunculannya di teras rumah, meski sudah lima kali ibu menegurku. Dan sekarang sudah jam setengah sebelas. Aku belum mengantuk. Aku masih setia menunggu malaikat.

Sehari sebelum keberangkatannya ke Jakarta, bapak bilang, “Ayam berkokok itu tandanya melihat malaikat. Lha kalau anjing menggonggong dan kuda meringkik itu tandanya melihat setan. Anak kecil seperti kamu, Le, mungkin bisa melihat mereka.” Kata-kata itu kumasukkan dalam kepalaku dan kusimpan sampai sekarang. Aku yakin bisa melihat mereka.

“Malaikat dan setan tidak kelihatan,” kata ibuku suatu kali.

“Lantas siapa gendruwo dan pocongan yang kakek lihat kemarin?”

“Mungkin gendruwo dan pocongan sungguhan.”

“Bukan. Itu setan.”

“Ah, emboh lah.”

Aku sering mendengar pengalaman-pengalaman mistis kakek. Ibuku sering melarangku mendengarkan cerita beliau. Tidak bagus untuk perkembangan mentalmu, katanya. Tetapi aku tetap saja asyik menikmatinya.

Memang setan sudah sering dilihat orang, tetapi malaikat tidak. Belum terdengar cerita ada orang melihat malaikat selain para nabi dan rasul atau mungkin aku belum mendengarnya. Jadi suatu saat nanti jika aku melihat malaikat, bisa jadi aku satu-satunya orang yang bisa melihatnya sejak malaikat Izrail turun untuk memutus tali kehidupan Nabi Muhammad.

Aku masih menunggu malaikat sekarang. Siapapun malaikat yang kulihat nanti, tentu akan membuatku girang. Entah Jibril, Mikail, atau bahkan Izrail. O ya, mengapa tidak kulihat Izrail saat nenek meninggal seminggu yang lalu ? Ah, mungkin dia enggan memperlihatkan dirinya.

Aku terus menunggu sampai kantuk menggiringku ke kamar dan membelaiku seperti belaian lembut ibuku.

* * *

Aku tiba-tiba terbangun. Perutku serasa ditusuk-tusuk. Mungkin akibat kebanyakan makan sambal tadi setelah Maghrib. Aku harus segera ke WC di kebun belakang rumah. Tetapi aku tak punya cukup keberanian untuk itu. Akhirnya kuputuskan untuk membangunkan ibuku. Kugoyang-goyang tubuhnya.

“Bu, Bu, antarkan aku berak, Bu!”

Ibuku menggeliat, tetapi tidak bangun, hanya ganti posisi.

“Bu, perutku sakit sekali, Bu!”

Ibuku tidak juga bangun sementara tusukkan di perutku semakin menjadi-jadi.

Tak ada waktu lagi.

‘Penyebab rasa sakit’ ini harus kuusir secepatnya.

Aku meluncur ke WC. Suara gaduh yang kubuat akibat pintu yang kubanting dan kucing yang tak sengaja kutendang mungkin terdengar sampai rumah tetangga. Terserah. Yang penting aku harus berak. Pokoknya berak.

Aku terus meluncur ke WC di belakang rumah dua puluh meter jauhnya. Di sanalah WC kesayanganku berdiri di bawah sinar bulan yang keperakan. Semakin dekat…dekat…



Ah, lega.

Kuusir semua kotoran di perutku dan kunikmati proses eksodus mereka sambil meringis-ringis. Aku lupa rasa kantukku. Kotoranku terus keluar dan rasa takutku belum datang.

Setelah ritual cebok selesai, ada ketakutan bertiup di hatiku. Aku mulai teringat setan-setan yang diceritakan kakek dan bayangan mereka berkelebat-kelebat di kepalaku. Dalam bayanganku ada kuntilanak menantiku di depan pintu WC, ada pocongan berdiri di depan pintu rumah, ada gendruwo duduk di mulut sumur, dan ada tuyul mengendap-ngendap di tembok.

Jantungku berdegup kencang sekali dan terus kupegangi agar tidak copot. Aku diliputi ketakutan yang luar biasa. Belum pernah kurasakan rasa takut seperti ini. Dalam keremangan lampu lima belas watt kupakai celanaku.

Aku tak tahu harus berbuat apa; menunggu di WC sampai terdengar adzan subuh atau mungkin sampai ibu datang untuk buang air juga, atau keluar dengan menghadapi segala risiko yang mungkin terjadi. Aku terus berpikir keras. Harus ada pilihan yang kuambil. Keluar, tidak, keluar, tidak, keluar! Aku harus keluar. Aku tak akan peduli dengan setan-setan yang tiba-tiba muncul atau mungkin sudah menungguku di luar WC. Toh mereka tak mungkin membunuh lantas memakanku. Mereka hanya iseng, ingin dilihat. Ah, mengapa tidak muncul di siang hari saja.

Aku mengambil ancang-ancang. Kubuka pintu WC lalu aku meluncur ke pintu rumah. Cepat sekali. Tidak ada hantu, tidak ada setan. Pintu rumah yang terbuka lebar semakin dekat, dekat, ngieeeek…. brakkk…gedebuk…!


Benar-benar aneh.

Pintu rumah tiba-tiba tertutup dan aku menabraknya sangat keras. Aku terjatuh. Aku berusaha bangkit sambil memegangi dahiku yang sakit bukan main. Aku terduduk bersandar pintu, menghadap WC. Aku masih terengah-engah.

Angin malam berhembus meniupkan hawa dingin yang memaksaku menggigil sebentar dan menimbulkan suara pohon bambu yang bergesekan serta menerbangkan daun-daun kering di tanah. Lalu terdengar lolongan anjing. Anjing melolong pertanda mereka melihat setan. Ada anjing melihat setan. Ada setan terlihat anjing. Mungkin setan itu sekarang menuju ke arahku, memberi pelajaran mengapa hanya malaikat yang kunantikan dan menyatakan bahwa dia pantas untuk juga dinantikan bersama dengan bala tentaranya lengkap dengan persenjataan mereka.

Aku terduduk kaku. Aku semakin takut. Aku menunggu ibu. Aku sangat berharap ibu datang namun ibu tak kunjung datang.


kukuruyuk… kukuruyuk….

Rasa takutku tiba-tiba hilang. Aku spontan tesenyum kecil. Ada ayam melihat malaikat. Ada malaikat terlihat ayam. Akan datang malaikat. Aku berdiri, akan kusambut malaikat.

Di kaki langit, di samping gunung, kulihat muncul sesosok cahaya luar biasa besar berpendar indah. Lalu ada ratusan sayap bukan main besarnya terkepak, membentang dari ujung barat sampai ujung timur. Aku takjub. Aku tak mampu berkata sapatah pun, mulutku terkunci. Belum pernah kulihat pemandangan seindah dan sehebat ini. Sungguh menakjubkan. Serasa bukan kenyataan.

Perlahan-lahan pintu rumah terbuka dan perlahan-lahan pula aku masuk lalu menutup pintu. Seperti ada yang menggerakkanku. Kemudian aku berjalan ke kamar. Aku masih takjub dan mulutku masih tekunci.

Aku telah melihat malaikat!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tentang Galatasaray


Lagu Galatasaray mengalun pelan
bara memercik di hati
menghangatkan dada

Teringat teman-teman dari Turki,
Korhan, Simge, dan Irem,
bagaimana kabar mereka?
apakah sekarang mereka masih mendukung Galatasaray?

Galatasaray, kau inspirasiku
seni seviyorum.