Friday, November 12, 2010

Jadwal Sumber Kencono Semarangan

Jadwal Bus Sumber Kencono Surabaya-Madiun-Solo-Semarang adalah sebagai berikut:
Dari Terminal Bungurasih Surabaya:
7181 05.38
7614 06:40
7597 07:30
7182 09:00
7282 10:30
7357 11:30
7183 12:25
7398 13:30
7184 15:00
7399 15:25
7434 16:25
7185 17:50
7435 18:35
7600 19:40

Dari Terminal Tirtonadi Solo (menuju Semarang):
7394 13.30
7397 14.30
7182 15.30
7282 17.30
7357 18.30
7183 19.15
7398/7598 20.00
7184 21.30
7399 22.00
7434 23.15
7185 23.10
7135 01.10
7600 02.30

Dari Terminal Terboyo Semarang:
7181 17.00
7394 (dulu 7614) 18.10
7597 (rencana mo diganti 7400) 19.10
7182 20.45
7282 21.15
7357 22.15
7183 23.05
7398 00.10
7184 01.00
7399 01.45
7434 02.45
7185 03.40
7435 04.15
7600 04.50

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Monday, November 1, 2010

English Department Wall of Fame

Few days ago, I attended my friends' graduation and it was really inspiring. During that moment, I could see pride and happiness radiated from their faces as they walked in the hall. I could also see the best graduates of each department walk so proudly to the front and their friends gave big applause to them. Indeed, it was really inspiring to see those great achievers. Sadly, it was only I and those who attended the event who recognized and were inspired by such achievement. I began wondering, is there any way to extend the recognition and appreciation to their achievement as well as to spread this kind of inspiration (at least to students at my department, who mostly did not attend the graduation)?

Practically thinking, I began formulating the idea of establishing a wall of fame inside our department office. As noted by wikipedia (I know it's not a good source to refer, but it is only to give you an idea about what it is), "A wall of fame is a wall dedicated to the honouring of people who distinguished themselves in some way. Walls of fame usually display an image of the person, e.g., a photograph or plaque, along with a description of their achievements and merits." The purpose of this idea is basically two things:1) recognition as well as appreciation of their hard work, 2) motivation to their juniors so as to work harder. My imagination began wondering what could happen if we (our department) had such a wall on which we will put the picture or the name of our best graduates (and or those who achieved cumlaude on their graduation) in our department office. Students who come in to the office will see the wall and say to their friends,"That is Mas Achmat, the best graduate of April 2010, 3. 67. That is Mbak Izza, the best graduate of October 2010, 3. 65*." Their friends, then, will say,"I will be the next, 3.87." Those inspiring pictures will spark motivation. Enormous motivation.

Graduation of October 2010 saw (only) 4 students of English Department achieved cumlaude. I do hope "the English Department Wall of Fame" will increase the number.

* Names and grades are real. Sorry for Mas Achmat and Izza. ;)