Monday, March 29, 2010

A Shameful Subject to Discuss


He gazed at the world outside in the porch. Sitting comfortably in his chair, he enjoyed some fried food served on a plate on the table near him. He was silent. He seemed to be occupied by his own thought.

At first, I was hesitated about whether or not I should sit with him. Sitting with him always excited me as he often discussed an interesting subject and came up with fresh ideas that attracted my mind and stimulated my motivation. To me, he seemed to have gone through a long chain of experiences that taught him the wisdom of life.

I remembered having a discussion with him on the learning atmosphere in schools once upon an evening in our porch. He stated that there ought to be a progressive change in the way teachers teach students. He argued that the conventional teacher-centered learning style, which was still widely used in schools, would only result in passive students lacking confidence and courage to think critically about new things. He pointed out some instances taking place within people in his generation. “I know you desire not to be a teacher, Son,” he said,”But when you happen to teach a group of kids, let them talk. Encourage them to be critical of what you have taught them.” Stricken with such an opinion, I could only nod as my mind processed the information so intensely that I couldn’t say any word.

I hoped that such an appealing discussion would happen again between me and him. After deliberating for a while, I slowly walked and sat in an empty chair next to him.

“Busy, Dad?” I asked him.

He gasped a long breath, stretched out a bit.

“Not really. How are you doing?”

“Not bad.”

“What have you been busy with lately?”


“No protesting against the government again?” he asked with a provoking smile in his aging face.

“Hehe…well, a group of friends and I just held a protest prior to my coming home.” I took his question a little bit seriously, realizing that I was about to find a chance to have a discussion with him.

“What was the issue?”

“Corruption. The local mayor was suspected of committing corruption worth billions of rupiahs. It was our third time to speak out the issue.” I answered enthusiastically, hoping the discussion would be lively. But to my surprise, there was silence. An awkward one. I waited for him to make a comment or at least give a response, but he didn’t seem to do so. He took a piece of fried banana instead. I had to say something, I thought.

“So Dad, what do you think about it?”

“About what?”

“Our protest, or corruption itself.”

He kept chewing the banana.

It was not our first time to discuss corruption, nor the first time did he seem not to be interested. I remembered one day I expressed my opinions eagerly about the contagious crime affecting most bureaucrats in this country. I told him its history since the VOC era until the recent years along with the effects of such a shameful act. Uncountable number of examples I gave him to support my ideas, ranging from Edy Tansil’s case to the case of the local head of the village that was suspected of cutting direct cash aid (BLT). But he seemed not to be interested.

Sometimes I even went further. I compared this country to one of our neighbouring countries that now spangled with modernity and prosperity. Since this republic was founded forty four years ago, corruption had become a deadly disease crumbling our potentials into pieces.

“Were our ascendants true men, honest to themselves and the country, this country would have become a prosperous one, a world superpower perhaps. Can you imagine that, Dad? ” I argued exuberantly. “What’s the difference between corruptors and thieves anyway? Corruption is such a disgraceful crime. A ruthless one. Some corruptors deserve death penalty, I believe.” But he remained silent. All my arguments and enthusiasm seemed in vain.

I had no idea why he responded so differently to that subject. Sometimes I assumed that subject about corruption never really attracted him or perhaps he didn’t know much about it.

In contrary, he would excitedly respond to other subjects such as education, terrorism, economy, politics, et cetera. He would eagerly listen to me and responded with questions that stimulated my mind to think more critically. But such responses never happened during any single discussion about this particular subject, like what was happening at the moment.

“Dad?” I shattered the silence.

“Young man, how is your GPA? Doesn’t drop, eh? You know, everything should be balanced; academic achievement, organizations, and part time jobs.”

“Dad, I thought we are discussing….”

“What was your last GPA? 3, 92? That’s not bad. I’m sure if you study harder you’ll get 4, 0.” He smiled brightly at me. “I’m so proud of you.”

All of sudden, his cell phone rang; he pulled it out of his pocket. I sighed and took a piece of fried banana. Changing the subject with flattery won’ work, I’ll keep discussing this subject, I murmured.


“Hello. Sir, I have a bad news.” Said a voice from his cell phone speaker softly.

“What do you mean?”

“The state prosecutors are preparing to investigate our last…you know…”

“Which one?”

“The inter-regency road construction, the budget of which we overestimated.”

“How far have they gone?”

“I heard they’re gonna call some of us for hearing tomorrow.”

He stunned for a while.

“Sir?” asked the voice in the phone.

“I’ll talk to you later.”

He hanged up the phone, looked at me nervously, and then went into the house.

I gazed at him, hardly believed what I just heard.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Shameful Subject to Discuss

Ikmas Semarang OASSE Assalaam

Sixty four years we’ve gone down this road

But you’re still so ignorant about them

How many times have I told you

How many times have I showed you

Those filthy rats must be slain

Burglars, tormentors, manipulators

They’ve taken our Mother’s belonging so greedily

thus made her limp

made our children cry

made our light dim

made her run more slowly than our neighbours do

Sixty four years we’ve gone down this road

But you’re still so reluctant to talk about them

I’m afraid you are one of them

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

UNDIP's English Department Tutors

After days of waiting, finally the result of English tutor came out.

UNDIP’s English Department tutors:

Speaking :

  • Pipit Indrawati (alumnae of Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program), English UNDIP 2005
  • Ike Endah Rachmawati, English UNDIP 2007
  • Fanny Judistia Perdani (participant of Korean Youth Camp 2009), English UNDIP 2006
  • Andina Dwi Kanti, English UNDIP 2007
  • Pratama Yoga Nugroho, English UNDIP 2006


  • Vany M, unidentified
  • Tika Siwi Saraswati, English UNDIP 2007
  • Enggy Setya Ningrum Dewanti, English UNDIP 2007
  • Sofiana Rosida, English UNDIP 2007
  • Indri Manisha, English UNDIP 2007

Congratulations for all the tutors!

A Story behind the Selection

Actually I knew the announcement long time before my departure to Boston. However, I was curious whether it was a program by EDSA or by the Department. I was wondering if it was a program by EDSA because when I was still holding the position as the president of EDSA, my committee (Assistance Division) initiated such a program and there were tons of things to be evaluated. I keep wondering until one day when I was in Boston to attend HNMUN (Harvard National Model UN) 2010, I had a chat with Mbak Wulan, one of Department secretaries. She told me about the announcement and encouraged me to apply. Then I asked her if it was an EDSA’s program. She said no and that it was a Department program instead. Interestingly, the Department would provide the tutors with some amount of fee. I thought it was really interesting but since I also had to include my KHS to apply I didn’t really pay attention to this opportunity.

Few days after I arrived in Indonesia, I texted Mbak Wulan and Bu Dwi if I could still apply for the post and they said yes. Then I started preparing my application. Luckily, I ever sent an application including my CV to Danone when I applied for Trust by Danone. So I just needed to download all my documents from my email, edit+upadate them, then sent them to Bu Dwi’s email since I was in Jakarta, without having to write a new one.

Few days later, came an info that the there would be a written selection on Monday, March 1, 2010. I was 30 minutes late in the first selection (it’s a long story). Already losing a lot of time, I had rather difficult time concentrating on the test which consisted of grammar and writing an essay about one of the given topics. As a result, I fully realized that my writing wasn’t really good since it lacked cohesion, unity, and supporting arguments. Given such situations, I built on my strategy by relying on the grammar perfection, that is I tried to avoid any grammar mistake both in the grammar and essay section, and the vast variety of vocabularies, that is I tried to use high, complicated words to deliver my message without deviating the meaning of the sentence or the paragraph. I was confident with these strategies, but considering the fact that the other applicants possessed outstanding ability in English, I was a lil’ bit worried about my chance.

The next selection stage was interview, which was held on Friday, March 6, 2010. On this stage, I was interviewed by Bu Eta (a grantee of Fulbright program) and Pak Arya, both of the are lecturers at the English Department. They asked a lot of questions including technical stuff like:

Pak Arya : Mas Yoga, you said that you want to be a diplomat but you know being a diplomat is like here (acting like he put something on the table with his left hand) and education is here (acting like he put something on the table with his right hand, implying a meaning that both things are actually really different). So how can you correlate those things?

Me : (Well, it’s a tough question so I had to work hard on this one).

Pak Arya : So, Mas Yoga, within how many meetings can you asses your students’ ability in English?

Me : Well, it really depends on the duration of the meeting and the number of the students. But let’s say I have an hour meeting with 5 students, perhaps I can asses their ability in bla bla bla…

et cetera.

After the interview, I left everything to God. I waited patiently. One day, I met Bu Eta and happened the following conversation:

Me : Bu, hasilnya gimana Bu?

Bu Eta :Not yet. We’ll decide tomorrow?

Me :What about my chance?

Bu Eta :You don’t need to worry about your chance.You know what I mean.

Me :Ya but the other applicants are bright students with great potentials. So I’m just worried if I can’t compete with them.

Bu Eta :[smiling]Well, you have nothing to worry about

Does it mean that I already get a post a tutor, I asked myself. I didn’t wanna believe in that idea though. I was just worried if the result would have been different. So, I just left everything to God. He knows the best anyway.

One day, when I was hanging out with a group of friends in front of Department Office, Mbak Wulan came out of the office carrying a sheet of paper and mentioned my name. I was curious what it was and when she pasted the paper on the announcement board, I leaned that it was the announcement of the result of English tutor election. I was so happy to see my name was there, along with the other friends of mine. Then I texted the other people who got selected informing the result of the selection and greeting them. Now that I have a new responsibility, I’m sure I won’t be idle as I was before and I’m sure this is another good opportunity for further advancement.

the Joy and Happiness of OASSE 19

Abiz mandi,
liat HP, ada sms,
dari Kepala Jurusan,
“The department has decided that you are not the one representing
our department for the student competition.
Thank you for filling the application form.”
I said, “SH**********TTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!”
Sementara Zulfahmi dan Satria Hary Laksono kebingungan
“Aku ga kepilih!”
“Apa?”, kata Zulfahmi
“Sabar Ga, sabar.” said Zul.
“Mungkin itu yang terbaik, Cak.” kata Satria
Benar, memang itulah yang terbaik.
Tuhan telah memilihkan yang terbaik untukku.
Dalam surat Al Baqarah pun sudah jelas,
‘asaa an takrahuu sya’ian, wa huwa khairul lakum.
wa ‘asaa an tuhibbuu syai’an, wa huwa syarrul lakum.
“Bisa jadi kalian membenci sesuatu padahal itu baik untuk kalian.
Dan bisa jadi kalian menyukai sesuatu padahal itu buruk untuk kalian.”
Setiap kali teringat ayat ini aku langsung merasa ikhlas.
Allah memang lebih tahu yang terbaik untuk hambaNya,
sementara kita sering meminta segalanya sesuai keinginan kita.
Sejak mendengar berita itu pula aku merasa bebas,
lepas tanpa beban.
Bebas dari beban membuat karya ilmiah.
Setelah itu, kami bersama dengan Ilham Fahrudy dan Sidiq Maulana
memasak bersama,
dilanjutkan dengan dinner bersama.
Luka kecil itu pun segera terobati.
Ah, sebuah persahabatan yang indah.
We surely love OASSE, Ikmas Semarang.
We also love our mighty alma mater,
the Modern Boarding School of Islam Assalaam,
so much.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Legenda Kampus

Dia, yang kecerdasan dan kecantikannya menjadi legenda di kampus
Hanya bisa kukagumi dari kejauhan
Ingin rasanya ku duduk di dekatnya
Menanyakan pendapat-pendapatnya tentang banyak hal
Tentang isu-isu di kampus dan masalah-masalah bangsa,
sembari sesekali menyisipkan sedikit gurauan.

Ah, dia yang namanya begitu besar
Apa mungkin mengenalku
Dia laksana bidadari yang dikelilingi bintang
Sementara aku gelandangan berlumur lumpur

Dia, yang menjadi legenda di kampus
semoga tahu aku sangat mengaguminya

*: puisi ini hanya fiktif belaka. Tidak ada kaitannya sama sekali dengan kehidupan nyata penulis

Championship Manager 2008 cheat codes, hints, and tips (based on personal experience)

I have played using Manchester United for 11 seasons and used the follwoing squad:
GK:Edwin van der Sar, Gianluiggi Buffon, Iker Casillas.
FBR: Maicon, Anthony van den Borre, Miki Roque.
D: Sergio Ramos, Micah Richards, Nedum Onouha, Jack Hobbs, Kelvin McMillan.
FBL: Gareth Bale, Patrick van Aanholt
WGR:Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modric, Yoann Gorcuff
AMF:Mikel John Obi, Nuri Sahin, Fran Merida
DMF:Marek Hamsik, Javi Martinez
WGL:Aiden McGeady,Anderson, Victor Moses
F:Wayney Rooney, Carlos Tevez, Kun Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain, Bojan, Craig Lindfield.

As a result I won 11 English Premier League title, 7 FA Cup titles, 4 League Cup, 11 European Champions League titles!

Some other notable players I found really good are:
-Maximilliano Moralez
-Tom Huddlestone
-Carlos Vela

Some relatively cheap players:
-Mauro Zarate
-Eduardo Ratinho

During the half season, watch for players with expiring contracts because you can just approach them to sign without having to pay to the club they are currently playing for.I got Micah Richards (Manchester City's key player), Carlos Vela, and Mata(both are Arsenal's key players) FOR FREE!

The best squad:
GK:Edwin van der Sar, Gianluiggi Buffon, Iker Casillas.
FBR: Dani Alves, Andreas Hinkel, Anthony Vanden Borre, Eduardo Ratinho
D: Sergio Ramos, Micah Richards, Vincent Kompany, Gonzalo
FBL: Gareth Bale, Dede
WGR:Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Robinho, Ricardo Quaresma, Yoann Gourcuff,
AM:Mikel John Obi, Gerrard, Nuri Sahin, Fran Merida, John Bostock, Luka Modric, Brian Sarmiento
DM:Marek Hamsik, Javi Martinez, Tom Huddlestone
WGL:Aiden McGeady, Anderson, Victor Moses, Arjen Robben
F:Wayney Rooney, Carlos Tevez, Kun Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain, Bojan, Ruud van Nistelrooy, David Villa, Mixalis Pavlis

You might wanna consider these players:
Dusan Cirkovic, Slavica Uljic, Semir Stilic. They play in Bosnian league. You'll find their talents unbelievable. I played using various teams in many different leagues ranging from Russian league to Mexican league and Dusan Cirkovic always scored and became the top scorer in the leagues I played.